New iron-based amorphous alloy is cheap and energy efficient

Update: 2016/08/04

An international team of Russian National Research Tech […]

An international team of Russian National Research Technology University "NUST MISIS", Tianjin University of China and Japanese and American scholars use metal iron to produce a new type of energy-saving alloy, which is extremely high. Mechanical properties and magnetic properties, and low prices. The results of the study were published in the Journal of Alloys and Compounds.

This energy-saving new material not only reduces power transmission and transformer loss, but also helps reduce hazardous gas emissions during production.

NUST MISIS engineer Andrei Bazlov said: "In terms of overall performance, the new iron-based amorphous alloys we have acquired have surpassed the industrial similar products popular in the world market. Moreover, their advantages are outstanding, ferroalloys The price is relatively low and the industrial acquisition method is simple."

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