Ultra-high power graphite electrode is the inevitable development trend of electric furnace steelmaking industry

Update: 2019/10/12

The ultra-high power graphite electrode is made of need […]

The ultra-high power graphite electrode is made of needle coke and is mainly used for ultra high power electric arc furnace steelmaking. EAF steelmaking is based on scrap steel, which has less investment than blast furnace converter technology and is beneficial to the recycling of scrap steel. With the development of the global steel industry, electric arc furnaces have gradually developed to large-scale, ultra-high power and automatic control of electronic computers. The use of ultra-high-power electric arc furnaces has been increasing, which has promoted the application of ultra-high-power graphite electrodes.

Compared with the developed countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, and Japan, the development of China's ultra-high-power graphite electrode industry started late, mainly relying on imports at the earliest, and the production of ultra-high-power graphite electrodes is far from being able to supply demand. Driven by the development of the steel industry and the advancement of technology, China has gradually broken the monopoly of foreign technology. The production capacity of ultra-high-power graphite electrodes has been rising and the quality of products has been rapidly improved. At present, the ultra-high power graphite electrodes produced in China have achieved good results on large-scale electric arc furnaces, and the performance indexes of the products can reach the international leading level. China's ultra-high power graphite electrode products are not only supplied to the domestic market, but also exported to foreign countries in large quantities, with less demand for imported products.

Although China's ultra-high power graphite electrode industry has achieved rapid development, the raw material needle coke is still dependent on imports. At present, the world can produce needle coke on a large scale in the United States, Japan and other countries. The United States only produces oil-based needle coke, Japan. Both coal and oil needle coke can be produced. In recent years, China's needle coke research and development has made breakthrough progress and achieved industrial production, but in terms of quality, compared with foreign high-quality needle coke, there is still a certain gap.

The "High-Power Graphite Electrode Industry Project Business Plan" issued by the New World Industrial Research Center shows that needle coke is the main raw material of ultra-high power graphite electrode, the performance of needle coke is the physical and chemical index of ultra-high power graphite electrode and There is a direct relationship between the actual use effect. However, domestic needle-like coke density is low, the coefficient of thermal expansion is low, the quality is not stable enough, and the production capacity is insufficient. The needle-shaped coke required for the production of ultra-high-power graphite electrode enterprises depends on imports. In 2017, the output of needle coke in China was 158,000 tons, and the import volume was 17,000 tons.

The researcher of Xinsijie Industry said that the development of electric furnace steelmaking to ultra-high power is an important trend in the development of electric steelmaking industry. In the future, the output of ultra-high-power electric furnace steelmaking will increase, and the demand for ultra-high-power graphite electrodes will also increase. The production of ultra high power graphite electrodes in China. It is estimated that the output of ultra-high power graphite electrodes in China will reach 450,000 tons in 2023. The production of 1 ton of ultra-high power graphite electrode requires about 1.05 tons of needle coke, so the demand for needle coke is huge.

Domestic ultra-high-power graphite electrode enterprises can extend the industrial chain, carry out research and development of needle coke, and build production equipment, which can effectively reduce the cost of enterprises and increase the operating profit of enterprises. For example, Fangda Carbon, as a leading company in the field of ultra-high power graphite electrodes, can not only supply ultra-high-power graphite electrode products, but also has a production capacity of 60,000 tons of coal-based needle coke. In 2017, the gross profit margin of its carbon products was as high as 78.82%.

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