Low aluminum ferro boron

product: Low aluminum ferro boron

sort: Amorphous industry

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Bomet boron alloy co., ltd.

Product Standards(BMTQB2016)


Boron iron is an intermediate alloy, which is an alloying agent in steelmaking and casting processes; it is also a component additive for rare earth permanent magnet materials (such as neodymium iron boron) and amorphous materials. The technical conditions of BMT enterprises are as follows:


Product name Brand Chemical composition(%) Application industry
B AL≤ SI≤ C≤ P≤ S≤ Mn≤ Cr≤ Cu≤ Mg≤ Ni≤ Ti≤
Low aluminum boron iron FEB18C0.5A 17-19 0.05 1.0 0.35 0.05 0.005


-- -- -- -- 0.03 Amorphous material
  1. chemical composition:
  2. Physical state: no non-metallic impurities on the surface, shiny; standard particle size 2-30mm90%min; moisture-proof measures.
  3. Error range: ±0.3% for the main component B and ±0.1% for the weight.
  4. Packaging Standard: Implement the "BMT Fine Boron Iron and Export Boron Iron Packaging Standards".
  5. Contract requirements are enforced when non-standard requirements are required.

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